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Samford Global Engagement


Spring 2017

Applications for the Spring 2017 semester in the Daniel House are now open! A completed application and a $500 deposit are required to receive full consideration for the program. Space is limited! Applications and deposits submitted after program is full will be waitlisted.

The deadline for registration and deposits is May 6.

Jan Term 2017

Applications are now available for Jan Term 2017 study abroad courses. Please take a few minutes to review the following options.

The deadline for registration and deposits is May 6.


Eternal Rome (CLAS 304; CLAS 200: ARTS 200)
Sixteen Centuries of Italian Music (MUSC 200 or 492)

Costa Rica

Food, Culture, and Society in Costa Rica (NUTR 312; COM 221)
Samford in Costa Rica (SPAN 202, 351, 352 or 450)

Dominican Republic

Medical Missions in the Dominican Republic (KINS 370, KINS 330, KINS 472)


Amazon Rainforest (BIOL 340, BIOL 107, IDSC 201, ENVM 516)


Saba in the Caribbean (GEOG 150, 350, 480, 490: IDSC 201; MARS 350, 406; ENVM 516)


Daniel House – London

Appreciation with a British Accent (INTL 202) 
Coffee Talk in London (COMS 309; JMC 399; ENGL 309; HIST 399)
A Common Language Divided by an Ocean: Syntax, Semantics & Pragmatics (CSDS 300)
A Common Language Divided by an Ocean: The Dialects (CSDS 300)
Monarchs, Bishops and Martyrs: The English Reformation (RELG 390; HIST 390; POLS 390; RELG 221)
Experiencing Cultural Differences (COMS 305)
Nursing in the British Isles (NURS 402)
International Photojournalism (JMC 492 - no prerequisites, all majors accepted)
Please contact our office for additional information. 
Applications for Summer and Fall 2017 will open in Fall 2016.
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