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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
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500 Years of Reformation Bamberg, Germany
Terms: Summer 3 Description: 500 Years of Reformation July 1 - 11, 2017 In Summer 2017, Dr. Angela Ferguson, Director of the German Program at Samford, will be co-leading an alumni and friends of Samford tour to central Europe in order to explore the history of the Protest ant[...]
A Common Language Divided by an Ocean: The Dialects London, United Kingdom
Terms: Jan Term Description: The richness of the English language can be discovered in the examination and exploration of the dialects that have evolved over time.  Students will discover and experience “the English language”.  As observed by Ralph Waldo Em erson,[...]
Amazon Rainforest Rainforest, Peru
Terms: Jan Term Description: An 11-day natural history trip to the Peruvian Amazon.  Investigations and experiences will highlight the complex relationships between rainforest plants, vertebrate and invertebrate animals, and the native peoples of the area.  Expect mud, [...]
Arts in Society London, United Kingdom
Terms: Jan Term Description: Arts in Society is now full. Any additional applicants with paid deposits will be placed on the waitlist. Please consider another Jan Term 2018 Samford Abroad course.  This course provides students with a working knowledge of the meaning and i mportance[...]
Bridging London London, United Kingdom
Terms: Jan Term Description: This course provides a multi-disciplinary perspective on the past, present, and future of London. Topics include the historic roots of the city, the development of the British urban system, transportation and the shaping of the city; social, politica l,[...]
CHS Summer Missions Cajamarca, Peru; Guaranda, Ecuador
Terms: Summer CHS
Cross Cultural Practicum Jakarta, Indonesia
Terms: Jan Term Description: This course includes a travel abroad experience involving the comparison of education in the United States and Indonesia. Students will discover how education looks in the unique Indonesia setting.  This program will examine the influence of the [...]
Development Economics Rwanda, Rwanda
Terms: Jan Term Description: This 10-day course will examine the issues of economic growth and global poverty. Students will meet with leaders of international development agencies, as well as local government, and for-profit organizations attempting to alleviate poverty. You wi ll[...]
Family Law in the U.K. and the U.S. London, United Kingdom
Terms: Summer 1 Description: Family Policy in the U.K. and the U.S. Summer I:  May 21 - June 8, 2017 Examine the similarities and differences of family policies (such as marriage, foster care and adoption, child custody, divorce, family economic support, and family ca re-giving)[...]
Food,Culture, and Society in Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica
Terms: Jan Term Description: Experience the rich cooking traditions of Costa Rica as you participate in this study of Costa Rican language, culture and cuisine.  You will savor the mélange of African, Spanish and Caribbean influences flavored by tropical roots, grain s,[...]
Greece: The Crucible of Civilization Athens, Greece
Terms: Jan Term Description: Experience first-hand the history and culture of this enchanting land of rugged mountains, charming villages, and stunning islands surrounded by wine-dark seas.  Walk the paths of Pericles, Socrates, and Paul, and explore the legendary geography [...]
International Performance Edinburgh, United Kingdom; London, United Kingdom
Terms: Summer 2 Description: International Performance: Edinburgh and London August 3 - 24, 2017 Performance at the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe in Summer 2017. Students will create a Theatre Production as part of THEA 455 Directed Studies - International Performa nce[...]
Israel: Exploring the Land of the Bible Jerusalem, Israel
Terms: Jan Term Description: Sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, the land of Israel stands at the crossroads of the world. Israel is a prize sought after by Assyrians and Arabs, Babylonians and Britons, Saladin and Suleiman, Christian Crusaders and Jewish Zealots. Most of a ll,[...]
National Health Service in the United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
Terms: Summer 2 Description: This course explores the evolution of the largest health care system in the world. The National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom with an emphasis on its predictive, preventive, and personalized medicine elements. A comparison of health care [...]
Nursing Missions in Peru Cajamarca, Peru
Terms: Summer 2 Description: Nursing Missions Abroad/Peru July 14-22, 2017 Nursing Missions Abroad/Peru will provide an examination of missions nursing from a global perspective.  Students will have the opportunity to plan and participate in a short-term, internationa l[...]
Pharmacy and Health Care in Great Britain London, United Kingdom
Terms: Summer CHS Description: May 14-28, 2017 Pharmacy Majors Only This course provides students with the opportunity to learn about the role of the pharmacist in the health care system of Great Britain. In addition to preparatory meetings at the McWhorter School of Pharmac y[...]
Samford University in London London, United Kingdom
Terms: Fall, Spring Description: Daniel House: Samford in London   Click here for the London Slideshow The Semester Abroad program in London offers students an opportunity to study for the fall or spring semester, taking 12-18 credits. Eligibility: Students must [...]
Samford in Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica
Terms: Jan Term Description: Since JanTerm 1990, Samford students have had the privilege of studying Spanish in the beautiful Central American country of Costa Rica. Escorted by Samford professors and hosted by private language school Centro Linguístico Conversa, the annu al[...]
Samford in France Grenoble, France
Terms: Summer 2 Description: Summer 2017 - June 30 - July 29, 2017 (optional trip to Paris will return on August 3, 2017) À coeur vaillant rien d'impossible! Samford in France is a five-week, summer program which offers a unique opportunity to explore France&# 39;s[...]
Samford in Germany Bamberg, Germany
Terms: Summer 1 Description: Samford in Germany Summer 2017 -- July 13 to August 12, 2017 Learn German in Germany! Lern Deutsch in Deutschland! Place: Sprachinstitut Treffpunkt, Bamberg, Germany   The “Samford in Germany” summer language program takes [...]
Samford in Israel Nazareth, Israel
Terms: Summer 1 Description: Samford Summer in Israel  May 19 - June 21, 2017   Field Methods in Archeology Archaeology of Early Judaism and Christianity  Field Methods in Archaeology (RELG 393) is an intensive, hands-on introduction to American [...]
Samford in Spain Madrid, Spain
Terms: Summer 1, Summer 2 Description: Summer Study in Madrid and Salamanca - Summer 2017 May 19, 2017 - June 26, 2017 (5 weeks - 8 credits) or July 24, 2017 (9 weeks - 16 credits) The architecture of Paris; The weather of Rome Samford University’s Language Study A broad[...]
Samford on Saba: Adventures in SCUBA Diving and Environmental Research Saba, Dutch Caribbean
Terms: Jan Term, Summer 1 Description: Samford on Saba: Adventures in SCUBA Diving and Environmental Research Adventures includes SCUBA diving on coral reefs, coastal processes and island geography. This field course will take place in the warm Caribbean climate during Jan term.  Stu dents[...]
The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes: Samford LAS in Nicaragua Managua, Nicaragua
Terms: Summer 1 Description: The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes: Samford LAS in Nicaragua June 5 - 19, 2017 Nicaragua is the land of lakes and volcanoes. Students will explore the scenic beauty that Nicaragua offers and connect with eco-tourism ventures and go hiking, volcano b oarding,[...]
Travel Writing and Photography London, United Kingdom
Terms: Jan Term Description: The roles of study abroad student and travel writer are really one-in-the-same. The student must eschew treating study abroad course work as a “trip,” “travel,” or even “academic tourism.” Study abroad students and [...]